On May 9th, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit at the request of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) against stem cell clinics currently performing surgical procedures involving autologous adipose tissue.

According to the FDA and the DOJ, even if this procedure is in the patient’s best interest and can improve their quality of life, they are no longer legally allowed to undergo such treatment.

If the FDA prevails in its attempt to stop physicians in the United States from performing these life-changing stem cell procedures,  the thousands of patients nationwide who have benefitted from this holistic therapy will be the last to do so, and subsequent treatments will return to offshore clinics. This will greatly reduce the number of patients who can afford these kinds of life-changing therapies and will force autologous, adipose stem cell treatments back into the dark ages.


Your body is not a drug. It doesn’t need to be treated as such: regulated, restricted, and federally mandated.

These cells are your own. They belong to you. They’re a part of you. Why is the Department of Justice involved in your body? Why are they trying to control and limit the power of stem cells?

Stem cells are able to rapidly transform and help heal a variety of injuries, including orthopedic, degenerative, autoimmune, and neurological. They can improve quality of life for many patients who are suffering.

Why is the U.S. Department of Justice trying to take this resource away?


How are stem cells harvested and used to help improve quality of life?

Cells are harvested from the tissues in your body. They are then relocated to areas of inflammation or damage to help promote a healing response. The entire procedure is painless and simple, performed by highly skilled and trained physicians across the nation.

Stem cells can help patients suffering from orthopedic, degenerative, neurological, and autoimmune disorders.

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